Inspiration to Creation


What We Do

 A vision, an idea, a look or a style. Something we see that sparks something we really would like to have somehow, in our own space. It gives us the greatest satisfaction, to turn that inspiration in to your own creation.

Every project is different, just as individual as the client. To us, the most challenging are the most rewarding. Your individuality is your own unique character. You surround yourself within your own comforts and by doing so, you make your house your home.

Our media is anything from natural and smooth to the touch or as elaborate as your imagination can make it. We love to make it happen. Let us materialize your inspiration for you. 


How We Do

Space Planing


 So we know time is money which for us also means space planning is money.  If you don't have a proper workflow, you aren't being as efficient as you can be.  We take all of that into consideration when designing your space.  

Custom Fabrication


There isn't anything we prefabricate.  One can go to any box store if they are looking for a cookie cutter solution for their own unique space.  Everything from material to final finish is up to you from day one.  Although we may make some suggestions according to what we've learned over the years.  

Budget Development


 Being budget conscious is a must for Trumark.  Just because one has a large budget, does not mean we don't look for the best economic decision.  Just because one has a smaller budget, doesn't mean we don't look for an economical work around.  After all, we like to save our splurging for what really matters.